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Derrick Garner

CFO Derrick Garner
Chief Fiscal Officer & Budgeting

Derrick Garner serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer and focuses on the budget operations for the Mississippi Department of Corrections. He arrived in July 2020 to oversee the agency’s fiscal operations. 

 Garner previously served as director of the compliance division for the Mississippi Office of the State Auditor where he managed compliance audits for all county and state entities. In this capacity, he helped to ensure that all agencies were following state law and internal controls. Garner held other previous positions with the State Auditor’s office including OSA field auditor specialist, special agent, and auditor analyst. 

 Prior to the State Auditor’s office, Garner served the Mississippi Gaming Commission as a compliance officer. He handled reports concerning results of examinations and related information. Garner also examined and approved internal controls procedures for the entire Mississippi gaming industry. He also helped in budget preparation, payrolls, and other accounting activities. 

Garner earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Mississippi College and a Master’s degree in business administration from Delta State University. He holds professional accreditations including that of a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Manager, Certified Fraud Examiner, and Certified Law Enforcement. 

“This is a unique organization and I wanted to help to make a positive impact for the state,” Garner said of his decision to join the MDOC. “It was a great challenge and opportunity to be a part of this team.” 

Garner is married with four children, ages one, four, 11, and 22, and enjoys fitness activities.​