About Us


From the Commissioner

Welcome to our web site. We are continually adding new information about the agency to this site in our efforts to promote a greater understanding of our mission. What is our mission? MDOC protects and promotes public safety primarily through the efficient and effective custody and control of individuals convicted and sentenced for felony crimes. This is achieved by using sound correctional principles and constitutional standards.

MDOC is constantly reviewing these principles and standards and has taken on an aggressive effort to achieve American Correctional Association (ACA) Accreditation.The Central Office as well as all of the State Institutions, Community Corrections Facilities, Field Services, Private Prisons and Regional Jails are now ACA accredited. This achievement positioned the MDOC to received the coveted ACA’s Golden Eagle Award on August 11, 2008.

Our daily priority of protecting and promoting public safety does not stop with confinement. MDOC knows that to be truly successful in reducing the number of individuals who return to prison we mustoffer programs that provide inmates skills to successfully live in their communities once released.

MDOC is strengthening its educational, vocational and treatment programs which provide tangible skills to offenders who desire to succeed. We will be studying recidivism rates to identify why; some offenders return to prison. This knowledge will not only help us recognize how we can enhance our programs, it will help us understand if an offender can be helped.

We are mindful that for each offender there is a victim. MDOC is working to ensure that victims have a voice in the correctional system.

MDOC values its commitment and importance to public safety. Integrity, fairness, dependability, respect, competence, and openness are core values we demonstrate as professionals. As correctional leaders we believe the safety of the public is of paramount importance and fundamental to our mission.