Victim Services

SAVIN: VINE Notifications


SAVIN provides an anonymous registration process. This allows anyone to register for automated notifications through “Vine” which includes an open range of affiliation: crime victims/survivors, the general public (i.e. relatives/friends, neighborhood watch groups, schools, businesses), as well as service providers, the legal system, law enforcement agencies, etc.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - If you are a direct victim/survivor of crime, impacted by a MDOC state offender, we ask that you register with the Division of Victim Services. You will be included in the SAVIN/VINE services upon completion of the DVS online registration form. Please refer to the Division of Victim Services portion of the website.


You may register by visiting or by calling the Office of MS SAVIN (601) 359-5759 during standard business hours. A 24hr representative is also available for general assistance by calling Toll-Free 1(888)9-MSSAVIN (English/Spanish) and TTY assistance: (866) 847-1298


SAVIN offers an array of status change notifications for county and state offenders based on changes made to the offender’s electronic file within the agencies booking system. Please be advised that you may receive multiple notifications if more than one activity/change applies to the offenders circumstances (i.e. multiple transfers within a short timeframe).

Transfers (facility rehousing, temporary movement.), Return custody (return from abscond supervision), Escape and Abscond Supervision, and Release from Custody.

Note: “Registration Link” is an enhanced feature which allows a registration to carry over from a county level offender into the state (felony conviction). The registrant would receive a notification once the county offender is moved to MDOC custody or into "other custody". You may contact the Office of MS SAVIN to confirm information noted in your automated notification.