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Covid-19 Information and Updates

​In response to developments with COVID-19, the Mississippi Department of Corrections will continue to take action to protect staff, inmates, and the public. The MDOC is committed to ensuring inmates' rights, safety, and health are safeguarded through this process. The department is in constant communications with the Office of the Governor, the Mississippi Department of Health, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), and other authorities.

​Confirmed Cases

State, Private and Regional Facilities

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Press Releases​

October 21, 2021
Mississippi prisons reopen to visitation​

​​​​​​​Click here​ for details concerning executive order 69 regarding visitation.

July 27, 2021
MDOC freezes visitation at prisons​

March 19, 2021
Mississippi among first to mass vaccinate prisoners​

January 20, 2021
MDOC sanitation efforts making Mississippi prisons among safest for COVID-19​

December 11
COVID-19 Retesting at South Mississippi prison; Mississippi among safest prisons​​

November 24
More COVID-19 testing planned for South Mississippi Correctional Institution​

November 13
COVID outbreak identified at Marshall County Correctional Facility

October 29
No outbreak of COVID19 in Mississippi prisons

June 30
Limited P&P Office Visits to Begin in July

May 29
MDOC's Latest COVID-19 Response​​

April 30
No Contact Reporting to Continue in May​

April 29
Inmates Working with MPIC Fight Against COVID-19

​​April 27
MDOC COVID-19 Update​

April 16
MDOC Update on its COVID-19 Response

April 13
MDOC Confirms One COVID-19 Case Among Inmates​

April 1
MDOC Asks People on Supervision to Report by Phone in Response to COVID-19

March 20
MDOC Adjusts Reporting for Community Supervision in Response to COVID-19

March 16
Free Inmate Phone Calls Offered by State Phone Provider​

March 12
MDOC Takes Steps to Protect Staff, Inmates, Public Against Coronavirus Exposure
MDOC Suspends Inmate Transfers as Part of Response to Coronavirus​

​Governor’s Press Conferences

This link will re-direct you to Governor Tate Reeves' website. View press releases from his office, videos of his press briefings, and the executive orders he has issued, all regarding COVID-19.