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SAVIN: VINE Notifications

The MS Department of Corrections extended services by adopting an automated notification system. The Office of MS SAVIN provides VINE notification capabilities to both participating county level jails, and all of MDOC, creating a unique concept reaching statewide. Such automated notifications are available to registrants through “real-time” VINE notifications during the offenders status change in the facilities booking system. Notifications include temporary movement, facility rehousing, all releases, escape, abscond supervision, return custody, and also death during incarceration. Victims/survivors are able to receive such services through automated calls, text messages, emails, and is TTY capable for the hearing impaired.


Why Register

  • To remain informed
  • Peace of mind
  • Public/Personal Safety
  • Preparation for releases
  • Investigative tool for law enforcement or other entities

Who Can Register


SAVIN provides an anonymous registration process. This allows anyone to register for automated notifications through “Vine” which includes an open range of affiliation: crime victims/survivors, the general public (i.e. relatives/friends, neighborhood watch groups, schools, businesses), as well as service providers, the legal system, law enforcement agencies, etc.


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - If you are a direct victim/survivor of crime, impacted by a MDOC state offender, we ask that you register with the Division of Victim Services. You will be included in the SAVIN/VINE services upon completion of the DVS online registration form. Please refer to the Division of Victim Services portion of the website.


How to Register

You may register by visiting or by calling the Office of MS SAVIN (601) 359-5759 during standard business hours. A 24hr represenative is also available for general assistance by calling Toll-Free 1(888)9-MSSAVIN (English/Spanish) and TTY assistance: (866) 847-1298.

Overview: Search & Register


If the offender is in custody or under community corrections supervision, you may search and register to receive our automated notifications, powered by VINE. You have the ability to register multiple telephone numbers (call/text) and email addresses as needed, with TTY capabilities for the hearing impaired.


If registering a telephone number for automated calls, you will be asked to create a four-digit personal identification number (PIN). This will be used to confirm the receipt of future notifications. When the SAVIN/VINE system calls, please listen to system calls, please listen to the message to its entirety. The system will prompt you to key in your PIN number followed by the # key. Entering the PIN number assures that you have received the notification. Be advised that if the PIN number is not entered, the call will repeat every hour lasting 24 to 48hrs. Due to the use of a PIN# we ask that you do not register a business number that rings to a general operator/switchboard.


Types of Automated Notifications


SAVIN offers an array of status change notifications for county and state offenders based on changes made to the offender’s electronic file within the agencies booking system. Please be advised that you may receive multiple notifications if more than one activity/change applies to the offenders circumstances (i.e. multiple transfers within a short timeframe).

  • All Types of Releases (Parole, Earned Release Supervision, Tentative Discharge, Court Order, Conditional Medical Release, etc).
  • Transfers (facility rehousing, temporary movement, court order, community supervision, technical violation centers, etc.)
  • Return custody (violation, return from abscond supervision)
  • Escape and Abscond Supervision

Note: “Registration Link” is an enhanced feature which allows a registration to carry over from a county level offender into the state (felony conviction). The registrant would receive a notification once the county offender is moved to MDOC custody or into "other custody". You may contact the Office of MS SAVIN to confirm information noted in your automated notification.


Identifying Automated Notifications


The automated notification calls are powered by VINE, and will reflect an incoming call from the (502) Kentucky area code. Please note that you may receive a call at any time of the day or night. If the PIN is not entered during the initial call the notification will repeat. The calls will cease automatically after a course of 24 to 48hrs from the initial notification if you are not able to stop the notification. Also note that in some cases your email notifications may possibly be rerouted to your “spam” folder based your email account provider or preferences. The email will be sent as shown: The VINE Service vine@globalnotifications Subject line: A message from VINE.​​


Online vs. Offline Agencies


VINE notifications are provided by data and information through the individual offender's electronic file. The Mississippi county agencies each utilize a jail management systems, also known as a booking system. Circumstances may arise when an agency is placed in outage. This places the agency in an offline status. Examples: Severe weather conditions with connectivity issues to the county network, booking system upgrades/changes, inactivity of entered information by booking staff, etc. Please be advised that the technical team works diligently to keep the outage period to a minimum. To verify the status of a particular county agency you may access clock on the state of Mississippi. You will then find a list to the left of your screen outlining current outages. current outages. A list of county agencies will be unavailable for search and registration at this time.


You may request for a "real-time" MS SAVIN-VINE Services Map, outlining the active or inactive counties: email


EVINE: 2020 enhanced vine & features

We are pleased to announce the 2020 launch of the Enhanced VINE services and features.


a Message from the SAVIN Director


We thank you for entrusting in our services. Please keep in mind that automated notifications trigger based on accurate changes to an offenders electronic booking file. We ask that you do not solely rely on VINE services for means of safety. If you feel that you may be at risk, please take the necessary precautions. Most importantly it is vital to yourto keep your contact information current. If changes are needed, please be sure to update your registration to assure future notifications (remove/add). This would also apply to individuals who register as direct victims/survivors of crime with the Division of Victim Services.

MS Department of Corrections
Office of Mississippi SAVIN
Gwendolynn Santos, Director