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Division of Records

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The Division of Records maintains master files on all individuals in the custody of and/or under the supervision of the Mississippi Department of Corrections.
A request for inmates’ records is commonly referred to as a Penpak and includes such information as convictions, time sheets, indictments, sentencing orders and social admissions.
To request an inmate’s record, contact the Records Division at (601) 933-2889.
Payment will be accepted only in a cashier’s check or money order and must be made payable to the Mississippi Department of Corrections.
Mail payments to Records Department, P.O. Box 24388, Jackson, MS 39225.
Charges are as follows for reproduction with a minimum charge of $2.00 per request and $10 per hour:
25 cents per page for legal size
35 cents per page for larger
Additional fees include postage fees. Law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, and court orders of criminal prosecution are exempt from the fee prerequisite.
The public record will be made available within seven (7) working days.  If the records cannot be produced by the 7th working day, a written explanation will be provided to the requestor stating why.


Please direct questions to the following email address regarding time, jail credit, eligibility dates, etc.

Please allow 48 to 72 hours for a response concerning non-emergency matters.​

Main Records Office
  • 601-933-2889, 
  • ext. 6095 / 6011
  • Fax#: 601-973-3891 

MSP Records

  • 662-745-6611, 
  • ext. 2333 / 2320
  • Fax#: 662-745-2334
CMCF Records
  • 601-932-2880, 
  • ext. 6254 / 6622
  • Fax#: 601-932-6234
SMCI Records
  • 601-394-5600, 
  • ext. 1205
  • Fax#: 601-394-1206



​The MDOC Records Department Address: 

Mailing Address:        Post Office Box 24388
                                           Jackson, MS 39225

​ ​​

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