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Restitution Centers

Listings for Restitution Centers

MDOC’s restitution center program provides an alternative to incarceration for minimal risk offenders who are in need of a more structured environment. Residents serving time in a restitution center are referred to as residents. Residents who qualify for the restitution center program are required to work and pay full or partial payments to crime victims. Residents also have to pay room and board fees ($10 per day), court fees and establish a savings account. Residents are required to serve a minimum of 40 hours of free community service.

MDOC currently has four restitution centers located in Hinds County (Jackson), Jackson County (Pascagoula), Leflore County (Greenwood) and Rankin County (Flowood). Each restitution center houses about 62 residents. For mailing addresses, Restitution Centers.

How does a resident get assigned to a restitution center? Offenders can be classified to a restitution center 3 ways:

  • Revocation of probation by a judge
  • Sentenced out of inmate status prior to completion of their sentence
  • Sentenced directly by a judge

Candidates are screened for acceptance to the program prior to sentencing. In addition, several criteria must be met. They include:

  • Offenders must be a first time offender
  • Offenders must not have drug, alcohol or emotional problems so serious that he appears unlikely to be able to meet the obligations of the restitution sentence
  • Offenders must be in good mental and physical health
  • Offenders must be employable
  • Offenders must have a sincere desire to participate in the restitution program

For additional information, contact Restitution Centers. ​​​​