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SAVIN: Law Enforcement Resources

Message from the SAVIN Director to Law Enforcement

The Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification program is offered to all 82 Mississippi County Sheriff Departments and their affiliated county/regional jails. The program was originally introduced to our state in 2006 and shortly after implementation began in 2007. Over the years we have networked with each county agency to allow for participation which is a “cost-free” service.

In order to provide services throughout the state of Mississippi, it is relied upon us, the program and the county agencies to do our part in providing accurate and timely offender information. Your participation is not only helpful to the victims of crime but expands well beyond. Please see “JusticeXchange” portion for additional information.

The benefits of automated notifications are not limited to one particular type of individual. Offender information sharing can assist in a broader range. Beyond the victims of crime, the service can assist in law enforcement investigations, warrants/detainers, monitor sex offender releases, fines due to county courts, child support divisions, unemployment agencies, business owners, neighborhood watch organizations, etc.

To provide a brief overview, the SAVIN-VINE system is integrated by receiving data from each jail management system/booking system. The offender information is shared every 15 minutes. This allows for accurate and timely changes to the offenders file, allowing proper notifications to trigger. Delay in electronic updates can result in serious public safety issues. During a release or escape we ask that your booking staff be aware that the information is vital to properly notify possible registrants associated to that offender.

It is our goal to assist you in any way possible. Please feel free to reach out at any time to discuss the services or any concerns you may have. I am open for feedback and suggestions as well. WE ARE A TEAM!

Savin-Vine Notifications

County agencies participate by implementing the SAVIN-VINE program. Offender information is shared through the jail management system. Individuals can register for automated notifications for certain offenders who fall under participating county agencies. Once a change is made to the offender’s electronic file, the custody status change will be announced in an automated notification (email, call, text message, TTY) alerting the registrant.

APPRISS - Offline Emergency Instructions

In the event your county agency is down/off-line from VINE, the EOL (Emergency Override Line) is an optional feature allowing continued accurate county offender information and automated notifications. To utilize this feature please contact the VINE Emergency Override Line by calling (866) 647-7409.

You will need the following information in order to use the EOL:

  • Five-digit site location id
  • Personal user id
  • Personal password assigned to your user id

For further assistance with the EOL you may contact the support team by calling (800) 865-4314.

Request Community Awareness Materials & In-Field Info Pads

As part of our continued efforts to provide public awareness, the Office of MS SAVIN will promote and supply the use of SAVIN materials (brochures, posters). We also have a small in-field information pad that can be easily tucked away in the shirt pocket of a law enforcement officer or placed in their patrol vehicle. The use of information pads are simple for the officers. When onsite assistance is required by law enforcement, the officer can tear off the sheet and then hand it to the victim. From time to time these materials may be revised or need replenishing. Please contact the Office of MS SAVIN for additional materials.


JusticeXchange is an integrated justice solution that provides an instant, up-to-date database of offender information from thousands of agencies across the country. This website portal is restricted from the general public. Law enforcement agencies and staff require pre-approved access. To request an account or to access your pre-existing account you may visit

Please be advised that the offender information shared in JX is provided by the many agencies who have implemented the SAVIN-VINE system. JusticeXchange is a secondary data-base of information provided by the data integration.

  • Contains more than 90 million booking and incarceration records
  • Ability to locate/watch probationers, parolees, sex offenders, and more
  • Query thousands of criminal justice databases across the country
  • Create a photo “line-up” within minutes
  • Many additional features

DOC Community Corrections Data Bridge

DataBridge is an enhancement to the SAVIN program. This service allows the MDOC Field Officers to easily monitor the many offenders supervised in the Community Corrections caseload. For MDOC specifically, DataBridge collects the appropriate demographic data for thousands of offenders currently under community supervision. When a person matching the uploaded demographic characteristics surfaces in the database (arrest in any participating SAVIN-VINE agency country wide), an email notification is sent to the supervising officer for research or follow-up. This service was added to the SAVIN program to better assist MDOC’s Community Corrections staff.

Notation: If you are staff of Community Corrections with MDOC and you are not receiving the automated email notifications under the DataBridge feature, please contact the Office of MS SAVIN. Feedback welcomed!

Request Training

In order to provide services throughout the state of Mississippi, it is relied upon us, the program and the county agencies to do our part in providing accurate and timely offender information. In these efforts the Office of MS SAVIN can provide awareness training at the request of county agencies or by other service providers. An overview of the program will be presented to the participants (i.e. staff, officers, advocates and others). This will assist in understanding the roll each of us have pertaining to the statewide automated notification services.

For the county agencies that utilize the DSI Lite jail management system provided by SAVIN-Appriss we also offer online webinar training for your staff. In order to coordinate the online webinar training we ask that you allow for a high participation count. Some of your staff may be new hires and some may need a refresher. We also encourage each agency to assign an employee to become familiar and confident with DSI Lite in order to provide in-house training for future needs.

With the Office of MS SAVIN partnered with Appriss (Louisville, KY) there may be added training requested which would encompass an Appriss training representative. This type of training may cover the JusticeXchange program or any other areas such as VINE.

To request training in any area, please contact the Office of MS SAVIN.

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