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Press Releases

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collapse 2020
State Inmate Hospitalized in Greenville Dies8/5/2020
Commissioner Cain Announces New Leaders at 2 State Prisons8/3/2020
South Mississippi Inmate Death Under Investigation7/22/2020
State Inmate Dies in Tallahatchie CCF7/14/2020
Life Sentenced Inmate Dies in Greenville Hospital7/13/2020
Inmate Dies in Prison Hospital7/9/2020
Investigation Continues into Parchman Escape7/8/2020
Up to $2500 Reward Offered for Parchman Escapee7/6/2020
MDOC Searching for Parchman Escapee7/5/2020
Inmate at CMCF Dies7/1/2020
Limited PandP Office Visits Begin in July6/30/2020
State Inmate Dies Saturday at Jackson Hospital6/29/2020
State Inmate at Carroll-Montgomery County Regioinal Dies6/19/2020
Inmate Found Unresponsive at Wilkinson CCF6/15/2020
Rankin County Prison Inmate Serving 30 Years Dies6/7/2020
Inmate Dies in Jackson Hospital6/6/2020
Inmate in North Mississippi Dies6/1/2020
South Mississippi Prison Inmate Dies5/30/2020
MDOC's Latest COVID-19 Response5/29/2020
Chronically Ill Inmate Dies in Hospital5/19/2020
State Inmate Dies at Rankin County Hospital5/18/2020
No Foul Play Suspected in Inmate Death5/12/2020
Inmate Serving Life for Murder Dies in Prison5/11/2020
Inmate Serving Two Life Sentences Dies in Hospital5/4/2020
South Mississippi Inmate Serving 60 Years Dies5/2/2020
No Contact Reporting to Continue in May4/30/2020
State Inmate Dies in Jackson Hospital4/30/2020
Inmates Working with MPIC Fight Against COVID-194/29/2020
MDOC COVID-19 Update4/27/2020
Inmate Serving 15 Years Dies in Prison4/23/2020
Inmate Dies Saturday in Prison Hospital4/18/2020
MDOC Update on Its COVID-19 Response4/16/2020
MDOC Investigates Escape at Parchman4/16/2020
MDOC Confirms One COVID-19 Case4/13/2020
Inmate Serving Life Dies in Greenvillie Hospital4/11/2020
Inmate Who Died Last Week Identified4/9/2020
Inmate Serving 15 Years at CMCF Dies4/6/2020
Inmate Dies After Fight With Cellmate4/2/2020
People on Supervision to Report by Phone4/1/2020
Age for MDOC Correctional Officer Lowered to 194/1/2020
Inmate at South Mississippi Prison Dies3/31/2020
Inmate Serving Life Dies at SMCI3/22/2020
MDOC Adjusts COVID-19 Prevention Response for Community Supervision3/20/2020
Inmate Serving 30 Years Dies in MSP Hospital3/19/2020
Two State Escapees Captured, Face Charges3/18/2020
Two State Inmates Escape Wilkinson County CWC 3/17/2020
State Phone Provider Offering Free Calls to Inmates3/16/2020
Inmate Transfers Suspended in Response to Coronavirus3/13/2020
MDOC Takes Preventative Steps Against Coronavirus Exposure3/12/2020
Inmate Found Unresponsive at MSP3/12/2020
Inmate Serving Life Dies at Rankin County Prison3/10/2020
CMCF Inmate Who Died Monday Evening Identified3/10/2020
Inmate Who Died in Oxford Hospital Identified3/9/2020
Inmate Dies in Oxford Hospital3/7/2020
Identity Released in Latest Inmate Death at Parchman3/5/2020
Inmate Escapes Harrison County Community Work Center3/4/2020
Inmate Serving 6 Years Dies at Local Hospital3/4/2020
Escapee Back in Prison3/4/2020
Inmate Dies in Parchman Hospital3/4/2020
Second Inmate Who Died at MSP Hospital Identified3/2/2020
Inmate Serving Life for Murder Dies at Hospital3/2/2020
Identity Released on Inmate Who Died at Hospital 2/29/2020
Two Inmates Die in Prison Hospital This Week2/28/2020
Prisoner Serving 20 Years for Manslaughter Dies2/26/2020
Inmate Dies at Rankin County Prison 2/16/2020
CMCF Inmate Serving 25 Years Dies at Hospital2/15/2020
Inmate Who Died in Prison Hospital Identified2/12/2020
Inmate Serving Life Dies in Prison Hospital2/10/2020
Inmate Collapses and Dies at Kemper-Neshoba RF1/29/2020
Inmate Found Dead Sunday Morning at Parchman 1/26/2020
Second Inmate Killed at Parchman Identified1/22/2020
Parchman Inmate Found Dead Wednesday Morning1/22/2020
Parchman Inmate Found Dead Wednesday Morning Identified1/22/2020
Investigation Underway into Two Deaths at Parchman1/21/2020
Housing Needs Pending for Remaining Unit 29 Inmates1/13/2020
MDOC No. 2 Official Announces His Retirement1/13/2020
MSP and Bolivar CRCF Affected by Severe Weather1/12/2020
Lockdown Lifted for all Prisons, Except MSP1/10/2020
CoreCivic Inc. Contracted to House Parchman Inmates1/9/2020
Update: Lockdown Lifted for 11 Regionals1/7/2020
Two Parchman Escapees Now in Custody1/6/2020
Escaped Inmate Remains at Large1/5/2020
Two Inmates Missing at Parchman Prison1/4/2020
Latest Update on Lockdown1/3/2020
MDOC Issues Statement on Lockdown1/2/2020
collapse 2019
MDOC Commissioner Hall Announces Resignation12/31/2019
Bicycle Donations Planned at State Prisons12/13/2019
MDOC Regarding Next Step on State Inmate Housing at ICRCF12/5/2019
Commercial Driving Class Trains for Future Jobs11/12/2019
Lincoln County Work Detail Escapee in Custody11/7/2019
Escapee from Work Detail in Lincoln County11/4/2019
$1 Million Grant Awarded to Expand Re-entry Services10/29/2019
Corrections Veteran Named Statewide Re-entry Coordinator10/24/2019
Help MDOC Find State Inmate10/21/2019
MDOC Hosting Job Fair at Pearl Public Library10/18/2019
Murder Suspect Not Mistakenly Released from Custody10/16/2019
MDOC Recruiting at Mississippi State Fair10/2/2019
Investigation at Pike County CWC Leads to Arrest 10/1/2019
Longtime Penitentiary Employee Found Unresponsive Dies10/1/2019
Storybook Recordings Keep Families Connected9/27/2019
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