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Press Releases

TitleRelease Date
collapse 2021
MDOC freezes visitation at prisons7/27/2021
Oversight Task Force holds first meeting toward next session6/11/2021
MDOC officer arrested in ongoing investigations6/10/2021
Ruth Graham to lead study for seminary inmates5/17/2021
Inmates complete college, high school equivalency courses5/12/2021
MDOC names Marc McClure as head of state's largest prison4/14/2021
King announced as MDOC Director of Private, Regional Prisons4/14/2021
CMCF inmate dies in hospital3/25/2021
Violence down in Mississippi prisons3/24/2021
Mississippi among first to mass vaccinate prisoners3/19/2021
Two MDOC inmates die over the weekend3/15/2021
Inmate dies in MSP hospital3/11/2021
Inmate serving 10 years for sex crimes dies in hospital3/9/2021
Inmates die at separate facilities3/2/2021
Commissioner orders death investigation2/24/2021
Inmate at CMCF dies2/23/2021
MDOC keeping the heat on2/19/2021
MDOC Commissioner update on prison facilities in winter storm2/17/2021
Two inmates die in different hospitals2/16/2021
SCMI inmate serving life dies2/13/2021
Inmate dies in Jackson hospital2/8/2021
SMCI inmate dies in hospital2/2/2021
Two inmates sentenced for sex crimes die1/21/2021
Sanitation efforts making Mississippi prisons among safest for COVID-191/20/2021
Two CMCF inmates die at hospital1/20/2021
Seminary program launched for women at Central MS prison1/15/2021
Two inmates die at CMCF1/12/2021
State inmate serving life dies in hospital1/7/2021
Inmate serving life sentence dies in prison1/4/2021
collapse 2020
Two inmates at different prisons die12/28/2020
MDOC turns contraband tobacco into community and inmate help12/23/2020
Inmate serving 12 years dies in Rankin County prison12/22/2020
Inmate serving life dies at prison hospital12/21/2020
State inmate dies in Greenville hospital12/19/2020
MDOC Commissioner responds to state audit12/18/2020
Inmate Dies at South Mississippi Prison12/16/2020
Electronic leg bracelet leads police to prison contraband smugglers12/15/2020
Inmate dies in prison hospital12/11/2020
COVID-19 Retesting at South Mississippi Prison12/11/2020
Contraband intercepted at South Mississippi Prison12/8/2020
Inmate dies in South Mississippi hospital12/1/2020
Inmate dies in prison hospital11/30/2020
More COVID-19 testing planned at SMCI11/24/2020
Inmate dies while serving 40 years for crimes in Hinds County11/17/2020
COVID outbreak identified at Marshall County Correctional Facility11/13/2020
Two state inmates die in separate facilities11/6/2020
MDOC employee wins 2020 Excellence in State Government Award11/5/2020
Inmate serving 25 years for murder dies in prison11/4/2020
Contraband Raid at Parchman Nets Drugs, Phones, Liquor11/3/2020
Inmate serving nine years for sex crimes dies in prison10/29/2020
No outbreak of COVID-19 in Mississippi prisons; among safest in U.S.10/29/2020
Inmate death investigated at MSP, mental health programs improve10/28/2020
Inmate dies in prison hospital10/23/2020
$69,000 of illegal funds seized from inmates10/22/2020
2 inmates housed at state prison in Rankin County die10/20/2020
2 Inmates die in separate Jackson hospitals10/17/2020
Commissioner tightens security at Parchman Prison, promotes recruiting, better training10/14/2020
Inmate convicted of manslaughter dies in prison10/12/2020
Commissioner Cain probes inmate education with community colleges10/8/2020
Inmate serving 40 years for sex crimes dies in prison10/6/2020
Homicide at Parchman prison10/5/2020
Prison supervisor arrested at SMCI9/28/2020
1 inmate dies in hospital; another to be buried at Parchman9/25/2020
Criminal justice reform committee discusses inmate re-entry options9/22/2020
Two inmates die in different locations9/22/2020
Inmate dies in prison hospital9/20/2020
Commissioner Cain removes 10 workers from Rankin County prison9/18/2020
Drone crashes into prison, lands operators in jail9/10/2020
Inmate's escape short-lived thanks to officers working together9/8/2020
Inmate serving life for a Hinds County homicide dies in prison9/8/2020
Inmate serving life sentence dies in prison9/7/2020
Inmate dies at the state prison in Rankin County9/2/2020
Inmate serving life for kidnap rape dies in prison8/31/2020
Two inmates in prison for burglary die in Jackson hospital8/25/2020
Two CMCF inmates die at Jackson hospital8/24/2020
Two inmates die in hospitals8/21/2020
Two inmates in prison die in separate hospitals8/20/2020
Inmate who died in Jackson hospital identified8/19/2020
MDOC ramps up hiring8/18/2020
Two inmates die in hospitals over the weekend8/17/2020
Inmate dies at Tallahatchie County private prison8/14/2020
Inmate serving life dies at prison hospital8/14/2020
Three state inmates die in hospitals8/8/2020
State inmate serving life dies at prison hospital8/7/2020
State Inmate Hospitalized in Greenville Dies8/5/2020
Commissioner Cain Announces New Leaders at 2 State Prisons8/3/2020
South Mississippi Inmate Death Under Investigation7/22/2020
State Inmate Dies in Tallahatchie CCF7/14/2020
Life Sentenced Inmate Dies in Greenville Hospital7/13/2020
Inmate Dies in Prison Hospital7/9/2020
Investigation Continues into Parchman Escape7/8/2020
Up to $2500 Reward Offered for Parchman Escapee7/6/2020
MDOC Searching for Parchman Escapee7/5/2020
Inmate at CMCF Dies7/1/2020
Limited PandP Office Visits Begin in July6/30/2020
State Inmate Dies Saturday at Jackson Hospital6/29/2020
State Inmate at Carroll-Montgomery County Regioinal Dies6/19/2020
Inmate Found Unresponsive at Wilkinson CCF6/15/2020
Rankin County Prison Inmate Serving 30 Years Dies6/7/2020
Inmate Dies in Jackson Hospital6/6/2020
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