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The State of Mississippi offers a comprehensive set of benefits, as well as retirement plans, for state employees.  In addition to the benefits listed below, several options plans are available to include coverage for dependents.

Personal Leave:  12 hours accrued monthly or 18 days accrued annually for the first 3 years of employment.   Personal leave accrual rate increases based on years of continuous services.

Medical Leave:  8 hours accrued monthly or 12 days accrued annually for the first 3 years of employment.   Medical leave accrual rate decreases based on years of continuous services.

Holiday Leave:  10 recognized holidays per year.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA):  Entitles eligible and covered employees up to 12 weeks of job-protected, unpaid leave in a 12 month period for specified family and medical reasons.

Military Leave:  Employees serving in reserves military branches are granted up to 15 days for military duty each year.

Medical Insurance: Provided free for employees. The plan entails a $500 or $1150 deductible with 80% of the medical cost covered thereafter.

Life Insurance:  Term life insurance cost is 12 cents per thousand dollars of the employee’s annual salary.  The amount is equal to double the employee’s annual salary, rounded up to the next highest thousand.  The minimum amount is $30,000 and the maximum amount is $100,000.

Dental Insurance:  Optional plan, which costs $12.40 to $19.00 per month for the employee.

Cafeteria Plan:  Allows employees’ deductions for health, life, dental, and other insurances plus deposits to flexible spending accounts to be made with pre-tax dollars.

Mississippi Deferred Compensation Plan:  A supplemental retirement savings plan administered by the Mississippi Public Employees` Retirement System (PERS) offering tax advantages to employees.

Workers Compensation Plan:  A program designed to compensate employees for injuries or illness incurred on the job.

Employee Assistance Program:  A plan which offer counseling and support services to employees and family members with problems that may be interfering with successful job performance.  Sessions are at no cost to the employee or family member.

Credit Union Membership:  A non profit financial institution serving the saving and borrowing needs of its members. 

Direct Deposit:  Employees paychecks are deposited directly to a financial institution of their choice.

Veteran's Preference:  5-point preference with a copy of DD214 or other proof of service.   Up to four years credit in the retirement plan.

Uniforms:  Furnished for Correctional Officers.​