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Vocational Opportunities for Female Inmates

Business Technology

1200 hours (10 -11 months)

This program is designed to develop mastery of computer application skills that can be quickly converted to entry-level jobs in the information processing field through continued classroom instruction and hands on training. 

Areas of study include introduction to keyboarding, operating systems, word processing, professional development, mechanics of communication, applied business math, and records management.

The curriculum is designed to give students with limited business training or no previous business training a broad overview of the business field, an opportunity to investigate the integration of employees with current office technology, and an exposure to career options available within an office.


1500 hours (15-16 months)

Cosmetology involves the art and science of all phases of hairdressing.  Cosmetology skills include the ability to style hair to fit the client, to create nail art, to apply makeup, and to effectively give advice to the client.  The science of cosmetology teaches the chemical makeup of products and the effect they have on hair.  A cosmetology student has to learn to use chemicals such as perm solutions, hair color, bleach, and hair relaxers.  The cosmetology student has to learn how to shape and style hair to complement the client’s features.  The cosmetology program is approved by the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology, and the students are required to pass the state examination in order to receive a license to practice cosmetology.

Family Dynamics

1200 hours (12 months)

The CMCF Family Dynamics program serves inmates who are nearing one year of their release date.  The focus is similar to a Home Economics class, but the curriculum is broader.  Curriculum components include cooking, sewing, value clarification, parenting skills, communicable disease awareness, nutrition, money management, and other general household duties.  This program is designed to increase self-esteem, work ethics, domestic abilities, and emotional well being for the inmate and her family.

Apparel & Textiles

1200 hours (12-13 months)

This program is designed to teach students a marketable skill in order for them to obtain gainful employment in the apparel or textile industry.  The areas of study include instruction in using and maintaining several types of machines as well as sewing operations such as needle trade techniques, cutting room operations, and entrepreneurship.


1200 hours (12-13 months)

This program is designed to develop mastery of upholstery skills.  The areas of instruction include foundation/body work, covering, finishing, trimming, and cushioning.  Students must master the skills needed to utilize measuring devices, to lay out and cut fabric for wooden frames, to fasten wood products with fasteners and/or glue, and to reinforce joints.  Power tools, hand tools, staple guns, and sewing machines must be used.  The curriculum includes repairing and covering furniture, automobile seats, and boat seats in order to prepare students for work in furniture manufacturing plants, upholstery shops, or for beginning an independent entrepreneurial business of their own.