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Private Prisons




East Mississippi Correctional Facility  
Frank Shaw, Warden

MDOC Compliance Monitor - Vernell Thomas

10641 Highway 80 East    

Meridian, MS 39307    


Opened April 1999 

Authorized under East Mississippi Correctional Facility Authority and Managed by Management Training Corp (MTC).               

Located on 100 acres, 7 acres under fence       

Authorized capacity 1362 minimum, medium and close custody male beds, expandable to 1500 beds.                                 

Accreditation – American Correctional Association, January 2007      

Re-Accreditation – March 2015​​

Programs Offered:
• General Education Development
• Alcohol & Drug
• Pre - release/Life skills
• Father Initiative Class
• AA/NA Groups
• Behavior Enhancement Program
• Adult Basic Education
• Life Skills
• Bible Study Groups
• Computer Training
• Art Classes
• Special Education
• Therapeutic Community
• Specialized Group Therapy
• Specialized Individual Counseling


Marshall County Correctional Facility
Jesse Williams, Warden
MDOC Compliance Monitor - Barbara James
Post Office Box 5188
833 West Street (Physical Location)
Holly Springs, MS 38634
Opened June 1996
Managed and Operated by Management Training Corporation (MTC) August 13, 2012
Located on 42 acres - 17 acres under fence
Authorized capacity is 1,000 medium custody male beds
MCCF houses adult male offenders classified to all custody levels including A and B Custody (minimum and medium security), Close Custody as well as Long Term Segregation Offenders.
Accreditation - American Correctional Association, January 1998
American Correctional Association, June, 2000
American Correctional Association, September, 2003
American Correctional Association, January, 2007
American Correctional Association, January, 2010                                                                                                              
American Correctional Association, March 2014
Programs Offered:
•Academic Education (through GED)
•Vocational Education
•Culinary Arts
•A & D Drug Programs 6 months (Long Term)
•9 weeks(Short Term)
•Adjustment Skills /Orientation
•Life Skills / Pre-Release
•Bible Education Program
•8 Educational Club Programs

Wilkinson County Correctional Facility  ​

Scott Middlebrooks, Warden                               
MDOC Compliance Monitor - Larry Lee
Post Office Box 1119                                                  
2999 US Highway 61 North 
Woodville, MS 39669
Opened January 1998
Authorized by Wilkinson County Industrial Development Authority Board and Managed by Management and Training Corp (MTC)
Located on 97.5 acres and enclosed on 17.5 acres
Authorized capacity is 900. 
WCCF currently houses Minimum, Medium and Close Offenders as well as Long-term Segregation and Protective Custody.
Accreditation - American Correctional Association, August 2011
ACA - Re-Accreditation N/A


Programs Offered:
• Adult Basic Education (ABE)
• General Education Development
• Life Skills
• Recreation
• Religious Services and Activities
• Alcohol & Drug
•​ Pre-Release to Life Skills
• Horticulture
• Paint and Carpentry
•​ Masters and Graduate Assistance Programs




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