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Administrative Remedy Program (ARP)


Effective April 18, 1994, the Mississippi Department of Corrections, pursuant to 42 U.S.C. section 1997, entitled “Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act” (CRIPA) and part 40 of title 28, code of federal regulations, along with sections 47-5-801 et. seq. Mississippi code, 1972, annotated, installed in all of its institutions and facilities a formal administrative remedy mechanism for use by all inmates committed to the custody of the Department.

The Administrative Remedy Program exists under a Federal Court Order which states that the courts shall not entertain any grievance or complaint of an inmate incarcerated by the MDOC which falls under the purview of Administrative Review Procedures unless and until such inmate shall have exhausted the remedies as provided in such procedures and attached a certificate from the Administrator of the Program to that effect.

It is the policy of the Mississippi Department of Corrections that each inmate will be entitled to invoke the Administrative Remedy Program regardless of any disciplinary, classification, or other administrative or legislative decision to which the inmate may be subject. The good faith use of the administrative remedy process by inmates and the good faith participation in the administrative remedy process by inmates and staff will not result in any informal or formal reprisal. Any action or threat of action against anyone for the good faith use of or good faith participation in the administrative remedy procedure is strictly prohibited.


The Administrative Remedy Program applies to all employees of the Mississippi Department of Corrections and all inmates committed to the custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. This includes inmates housed at the Mississippi State Penitentiary, Central Mississippi Correctional Facility, South Mississippi Correctional Institution, Private Prisons, County Regional Jails, Community Work Centers (CWC), Restitution Centers, House Arrest Program, County Jails and the Governor’s Mansion.

Inmates may submit a request for administrative remedy for situations arising from policies, conditions, or events within the Department of Corrections that affect them personally; including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Lost Property Claims
  2. Staff Conduct
  3. Conditions of Confinement
  4. Policy and Procedure
  5. Incidents
  6. Reprisals for Using this Process
  7. Mail and Packages
  8. Classification (to include discipline)


Reporting Date: NOVEMBER 2019

Facility Number of ARP's Filed?   Number of ARP’s Resolved at Step One   Number of ARP’s Resolved at Step Two
Region One              106                               49                                0
Region Two              171                               56                                22  
Region  Three              87                               70                                27

The CWC's, County Regional Facilities, Restitution Centers and Joint State County Work Programs are listed under the total of the State Institution in the region in which they are located.​​

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