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Rule Violations

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Every inmate who enters the Mississippi Department of Corrections receives an offender handbook that contains all the rules.  Each inmate signs an acknowledgement that he received a handbook.  MDOC staff and/or a translator are provided to assist offenders in understanding the rules.

Inmates who violate written or posted rules are subject to disciplinary sanctions.  When an inmate commits an act contrary to the rules, a reporting form called a Rule Violation Report (RVR) will be filled out to include the following information:

  • Violation charge
  • Essential facts supporting the alleged violation
  • Processing action taken (to include requests for investigation and lists of requested witnesses)
  • Findings and the disciplinary action taken (if any)

Inmates are given a copy of the RVR and asked to sign the report.  A disciplinary hearing is held within seven days of the alleged rule violation.  Inmates who violate rules can receive disciplinary actions to include detention and loss of visitation, phone and canteen privileges, loss of Earned Time or custody reduction.  An inmate can appeal decisions by using the Administrative Remedy Program (ARP).