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Receiving & Classification

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After sentencing, inmates are generally picked up by the MDOC (some cases transported by the sheriff of the county of conviction of the offender) and transported to the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility (CMCF) for processing.

The Receiving and Classification (R & C) process takes place at CMCF.  This process can take between two weeks to forty-five days.  During R & C, the offenders are evaluated and tested for the following:

  • Medical Exam – Overall medical condition, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, TB, HIV, AIDS
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Education – Intelligence tests are administered; education levels are self-reported

Admission & Orientation – Case managers interview the offender to secure information about the offender and his/her family; they are oriented to rules and regulations concerning life as an inmate; case managers research the offender’s criminal history and review their court documents; gang affiliations are determined.

Offenders are evaluated to determine their need for rehabilitation and educational instruction.

After all of the above information has been established, the offender receives his/her classification level and housing assignment.

During the R & C process, offenders will not receive any visits or telephone calls.

The offender will generate telephone and visitation lists during the R & C process.