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MDOC Conducts 10th Major Shakedown

JACKSON –The Mississippi Department of Corrections completed its 10th shakedown Thursday under Operation Zero Tolerance with a search at the George County Regional Correctional Facility in Lucedale.
"I am pleased to see that the search team did not find a lot of contraband," Commissioner Pelicia Hall said. "That’s a good thing and shows that the staff at this facility is doing a good job to prevent the flow of contraband and has instituted its own shakedowns because facilities don’t know when they will be searched."
Contraband items found include three cell phones and assorted chargers and parts, small amounts of spice and methamphetamine, five tattoo paraphernalia, and a rock suspected of being used for sharpening shanks. Also, nine homemade necklaces being sold for $3 each were seized.
George County Regional is one of 15 such facilities in the prison system. It had 224 inmates as of midnight; it can hold a maximum 280 inmates.
All facilities will be searched in the contraband crackdown Commissioner Hall began in March to make facilities safer for both staff and inmates.
The other locations searched so far are South Mississippi Correctional Institution, Hinds County Restitution Center, Carroll-Montgomery County Regional Correctional Facility, Wilkinson County Correctional Facility, East Mississippi Correctional Facility, Marshall County Correctional Facility, Yazoo County Regional Correctional Facility, and Holmes-Humphreys County Regional Correctional Facility.

Published: 5/4/2017