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Training Division


 – responsible for development, administration, and delivery of a training program that meets the staff development needs of agency employees;

Employee Development Director:

The MDOC Employee Development Division is responsible for providing instructional guidance to all agency employees. A needs assessment survey is conducted annually to determine the types of training classes to offer at the various locations. To accomplish the training mission, staff in this department has developed several different programs. They include In-Service Training, New Employee Orientation, the Cadet Training Program, and the Field Officers Training Program. Receiving leadership from Central Office, the programs operate independent of each other at each of the three (3) major prison facilities: the Mississippi State Penitentiary, the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility and the South Mississippi Correctional Institute. Additionally, Central Office Training staff is charged with providing instructional guidance to Community Corrections staff members as well as employees in Central Office.

Mandates require all agency employees participate in In-Service Training for 40 hours per calendar year for supervisory job class personnel and 16 hours per calendar year for clerical and support staff. Additionally, any staff persons coming in contact with inmates, including professional staff, are required to obtain 40 additional training hours per calendar year. Courses conducted by the Training Division provide the bulk of these training hours.​​​